Life is like a box of golf balls

A box of golf balls is most usually purchased in a set of 12 pieces. And parallel to what Forrest Gump stated in his movie, a golfer might often feel that life is like a box of golf balls. But unlike the movie character, one will always know what to expect, because there is a standard size and weight for each golf ball. Visit rockbottomgolf and get a different kind of golf balls suitable for your requirement.

golf ball boxBut aside from a box of golf balls not being a box of surprises, how each one will perform based on how the golfer hits it in the course is what makes it like life. All events and consequences are products of how one hits life, how one decides, how one sets his goal and how one sets things straight.

Golf balls had a lot of changes through the years, from the time golf was introduced and played in the 1400s to the present. The reason for its evolution was because of how it performed in the golf course. Golfers needed more flight – lift, speed and distance.

What do these three characteristics represent in one’s life?

Lift is the lightness of the ball. Sometimes, decisions made make one happy and light. Solutions to problems and decisions that push one’s life forward can be considered the lift to our lives. Hitting the ball is the point of decision, the point of action which pushes the ball forward. And when the ball gives a good lift, burden is wiped out and life becomes easy.

Speed is the time that the ball covers to reach its destination. If hitting the ball is the point of action, the speed that life takes one to his goal is based on how one hits it. Thus, one’s drive in hitting the ball, to reach the destination is the factor in giving the ball speed. Therefore, when the drive to reach a goal is at its maximum, the speed also reaches the maximum potential, pushing one forward to the goal at the fastest time possible.

And distance is how far the ball goes after it is hit by the golfer. Depending on the weight of the golf balls and the drive of the golfer, distance desired is covered. In golf, it is not always a long distance that one needs to cover, sometimes, the golfer just needs a short distance, to reach a hole. Thus, it just needs a push. Just like life, how much one pushes himself towards his goal determines the distance that he covers to reach it.

In more ways than one, life is like a box of golf balls indeed. Things may look the same, situations may be similar. But depending on one’s attitude, drive and determination, golf balls can reach places that the golfer desires.

The golf balls of life can take several directions. A wrong push symbolizes the wrong decisions that we make, driving the golf balls to places we do not want them to be. But when golf balls reach the water, the sand or uncomfortable places, it is also up to the golfer to correct the mistake, in as little hits as possible. Just like life, one learns from every hit, every decision, strength or weakness of the drive, the angle to where we aim. And we learn, we aim again, we drive our clubs again to hit the balls.

And the course of life goes on.

But it may not only be the strength of the drive that pushes it. Several factors may also come into play — the direction of the wind, for example, is one great factor. In life, these are the hurdles, and one must learn how to go against or with the wind. The most important thing is to practice that drive in whatever weather, and one will always know where to go, how to make decisions and go farther than where the golf balls take a person.

Elements of Good Safety Presentations

Giving safety presentations is a fairly straightforward task. It is basically a talk on various topics pertaining to employee safety in the office or work place. While these weekly safety presentations generally last a maximum of fifteen minutes a week, they do need to cover a lot of ground to make sure that everyone knows what to do in the event of an emergency.

If you ever find yourself in charge with preparing the safety presentations for your company or work place for the first time, it might be helpful to understand how such a presentation should be structured. Thus, the following describe all the crucial parts of a comprehensive safety presentation and what such should contain:

1.)    Opening

speakerThis is the part where you should reaffirm the company’s concern for the safety and welfare of its employees and workers. A sentence establishing the purpose of the day’s safety presentations also helps to set the general tone of the talk and thus inform your audience about what to expect.

Examples of a safety talk’s objectives are general safety, electrical safety, equipment safety, fire prevention, and accident reporting. Pick one of those and expound on it accordingly in your succeeding presentation.

The beginning of your safety presentation should also give your audience at least one undeniable reason as to why you should command their attention for the next fifteen minutes. One way to do that is to underline how relevant and helpful the information you are about to present is or would be to them in short, simple, yet effective terms.

2.)    Body/Content

This is meat of your safety presentation. It should be the main focus of your talk and should thus take up most of the allotted time.

Streamline your presentation’s content by providing a brief background. Is today’s topic due to a recent incident in the workplace? For instance, did the management feel the need to discuss safety measures for the handling and operation of heavy equipment because one of the warehouse workers was injured in the past week? Or are you discussing the chosen topic because of some recent developments in your area? For example, some safety talks that are rooted in fire safety and prevention often come about during the month of March since the latter has been observed to have the most frequent occurrences of fire accidents.

If there were neither recent incidents nor local developments behind the selection of the safety presentation’s chosen topic, then you can simply present examples of some near-misses or errors in the workplace. Use this opportunity to point out factors that made such situations dangerous and explain how taking the proper precautions could have made it less so.

motivationFor example, in a situation where a worker or employer almost started a fire by neglecting to turn off electrical equipment prior to leaving, you may want to point out the dangers of leaving such kinds of equipment unattended for long periods of time. From there, you can then segue into the proper protocols for switching on, using, and then deactivating electrical equipment.

You should also remember to remind your audience of the company’s established safety procedures during this part of the presentation as well as the resources that the company has made available for their use in case of emergency.

A good way to round out the body of your presentation is to have a short question and answer portion with the audience so that you can address any remaining concerns.

3.)    Conclusion

The end of your presentation should incorporate a substantial call to action for your employees. At the end of the talk, they should all be more aware of potential hazards in the workplace, what to do in the event of such emergencies, and should also be less hesitant about bringing their newfound information into play.


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If you ever find yourself in charge with preparing the safety presentations for your company or work place for the first time,  might be helpful to understand how such a presentation should be structured. 
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Understanding Iron-On Patches

Back in the past, patches are sewn directly on the target piece of clothing. But sometimes, there are emergency cases when we just do not have a sewing kit within our disposal, and we need that piece of clothing with the patch at the earliest time tomorrow. So, do we just pin or tape our patches? That is all right, but that could be a bit tricky because the pinned or taped on patch just might budge from its place. A better alternative? Patches with iron-on backing, otherwise known as iron on patches.

Patches are among the most innovative ways for us to alter the design of a piece of clothing, be it a shirt, a blouse, a pair of pants, a skirt or even a hat or a cap. A patch is basically a small artistic piece of embroidery meant to be placed on a piece of clothing to give it its own uniqueness. Many times, we see patches on uniforms of offices, schools, or organizations. Patches give a sense of permanence, that that uniform is actually for the sole purpose of wearing within the premises or when representing the office, school, or organization where the uniform was brought. But there are also some outrageously fashionable people who use patches just to make their outfits stand out from the rest. Thanks to iron on patches, this is now more convenient to achieve.

But we ask, patches made to be ironed on are usually those made of paper, right? What if we wanted embroidered patches? The great news is, there are actually embroidered iron on patches! Usually, these are embroidered patches with the underside containing an adhesive. This adhesive only sets off once the patch is heated, in this case, with an iron right on the target piece of clothing.

The Difference Of Iron On Patches

Aside from patches that are made to be ironed on to clothing, there are also patches with velcro backing or those with tape backing. There are also patches that have a button underneath the backing, as well as the conventional patch that should be sewn on to our target piece of clothing. With all these many types of patches, why should we choose patches with iron-on backing?

Let’s start with the velcro or tape backed patches. Patches with velcro backing can be removed whenever we want them to. But velcro material can also be damaging to some kinds of fabrics.

How about button-on patches? These are basically patches with a button underneath for securing. This kind of patch would need a fairly thick backing to obscure the button, and a hole on the target piece of clothing for the button. Obviously, we would still need to do some sewing here.

Iron On Patches

As for iron-on patches, one would need a hot iron to secure the patch. Just put the patch above the target area, press an iron on top, and presto! The patch is on place!

Patches with iron backing are great when the clothing material can withstand hot ironing, making them best for cotton and denim fabrics. Polyester is alright, but one should take extra care. However, delicate material such as silk is often not a good choice for patches with iron-on backing. It could work by adjusting the heat of the iron to the lowest setting, but it really depends if and when the heat will be enough for the adhesive on the backing to stick to the fabric. Hopefully, it will be sooner before the delicate material gets damaged.

Where To Purchase Iron On Patches

Conventional patches that are made to be sewn directly on the target clothing can usually be bought anywhere sewing goods are sold, but searching for iron-on patches for sale can be quite tricky, even a pain. Our best bet would be online stores that specifically cater to customers looking for patches, so we can have choices. Normally, these websites sell patches by the bulk. We can send them our preferred designs by email and get a free quote.

Pregnant Women Aren’t the Only Ones Who Benefit from HCG

HCGThe human chorionic gonadotropin or HCG hormone is a hormone that is produced in abundance during the first trimester of pregnancy. This is because it plays a big role in ensuring that the fertilized embryo develops into a healthy fetus. Mothers who are still in the first weeks of pregnancy often keep a hawk’s eye on their HCG levels because these are the primary indications that there is something wrong with the pregnancy. A low HCG count could mean a miscarriage or an ectopic pregnancy, while a high HCG count could be equivalent to a molar pregnancy. However, there are also cases when high or low HCG count simply means that the age of the developing embryo has been miscalculated by a few days.

However, aside from its role in pregnancy, the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone is also injected into people for the following purposes:

To aid in fertility treatments. This can be injected in both male and female patients for treating infertility. HCG helps the ovaries during ovulation and ensures that the eggs released by the ovaries are able to reach the fallopian tube safely. On the other hand, HCG helps to increase the sperm count in males.

To help young boys who are suffering from a pituitary disorder that restricts their testicles from dropping into their scrotums

To aid in the rapid loss of weight

hcgdropImageHCG injections have to be supervised by accredited healthcare practitioners in order to avoid any unnecessary complications. This is because it is injected directly into the bloodstream and one wrong move could cause unnecessary bleeding and other complications in the nervous system. People who are undergoing fertility treatments usually have the injections in the fertility doctor’s clinic at specific check-up schedules. Those who are being treated for pituitary gland abnormalities can be given the injections at home but with a prescription from the physician to ensure that the right dosage is given.

When the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone is to be used for weight loss, the individual would have to check with a health practitioner first so that his vital information can be noted down. The information includes gender, age, current weight, weight loss goal and so on. The individual can then work with the practitioner in formulating the right diet plan that would aid him in his journey towards rapid weight loss. This entails going on a restricted-calorie diet, doing some physical exercise, and having daily injections of HCG.

The human chorionic gonadotropin hormone is beneficial for people who are trying lose weight because of the following:

It helps reduce the effects of rapid weight loss on the muscles. This means that while the individual is rapidly losing a whole pound of excess weight, he does not have to worry about that lost weight being made up of muscle tissue. This means that the body would be able to maintain a better form since the muscles are still in good shape.

It helps ensure that the dieter does not suffer from constant hunger pangs. Constant hunger is something that every person who wants to lose weight has to deal with. And this is something that can easily be avoided with the help of the HCG hormone.

Some people have pointed out that the combination of low caloric intake and regular exercise is responsible for the weight loss and not the HCG injections. However, it should be noted that HCG does not directly burn the excess fats. Instead, it helps maintain the effects of the low calorie diet by giving the dieter less reason to binge eat and ensuring that his metabolism is at par with his diet.