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How www.pcbnet.com Helps To Maintain The Reliability Of PCBs While Keeping Costs Down

When it comes to extremely complex printed circuit boards (PCBs) with high tech products, you want to lower costs, but make sure that the reliability will not be compromised. In the electronics industry, the goal of every client is always the same and that is to control the expenses while still having high reliability and making quite a good profit.

As with other electronic manufacturing services (EMS), our goal here at www.pcbnet.com is exactly the same. We believe that when we help you achieve your goal, we succeed as well.

We are going to find out why this simple objective sometimes looks so elusive.


It is daunting to manage the complexities of the whole field of a PCB supply chain. It ranges from concept to graphic design, PCB layout, PCB fabrication, supplier qualification, documentation, component acquisition, parts setup, through-hole assembly and SMT, then finally to shipping logistics. The completed sub-system or circuit card assemblies also include potting, plastic molding, conformal coating, metal fabrication, FPGA programming, mechanical assembly, life cycle tests, environmental test, customized test, and probably many more other steps during the whole process.


Every step needs to be done with perfect accuracy – within budget, on time, and the outcome in perfect reliability. This is like an interconnected puzzle wherein every step affects the other. The job often needs a partner that can provide full integration to help control costs and meet the desired quality at the same time. Here www.pcbnet.com works hard to meet the needs of our clients.

Here are some ways on how we help them maintain high reliability and low costs.

Design and Engineering Services

We employ in-house engineers to help the engineering team of our clients when it comes to achieving performance goals and dealing with design issues that will affect the cost, reliability, function, and form of the final product. Moreover, we have experienced PCB design specialists to help deal with complex layout concerns or take care of the whole layout and documentation part of our client’s project. Our employees are highly trained to determine design problems in relation to PCB fabrication, assembly, etc.

PCB Fabrication

For many years, we have been working with the top PCB fabricators and most probably, we already have a close professional relationship with your preferred fabricator. Furthermore, we have certified a top network of circuit board suppliers that have been assessed based on our high criteria. Because of the higher quantity of the total PCB usage of www.pcbnet.com, our buying power can help us negotiate the best price and can also help us guarantee exceptional responsiveness on behalf of our clients.

Components Acquisition

Printed circuit boardAlong the range of the supply chain, one of the most complex things is component acquisition. The list includes distribution channels, packaging, attrition, proprietary parts, counterfeit parts, obsolete parts, and so on. We have a knowledgeable and dedicated team that covers all these aspects. Moreover, we have a solid buying position caused by the collective quantities we acquire for our clients. We also have well-organized proprietary methods in place to purchase a kit and on-demand to control waste and attrition.

We can offer detailed screening to eliminate counterfeit parts. We do not need to carry costly inventory and we provide an efficient system to manage components that that highly lessens the exposure and risks that costly component acquisition could cause for our clients – while keeping expenses down.

Best Tool Sets and Equipment

Because of our experience, capital resources and success, we can proficiently assess and buy the best tool sets and equipment that electronics manufacturing needs. As devices become smaller and components continue to challenge technology, we continue to obtain equipment to guarantee thorough solder joints and accurate placement of parts. Every time technology advances, www.pcbnet.com responds by obtaining the best tools and equipment to deal with these challenges. As a result, it saves clients so much money – expenses associated with in-house PCB assembly – plus the cost of highly skilled staff.

One Size Does Not Fit All

When using a contract manufacturer for your PCB needs, the size of the company is important. If you work with a multi-national company, you can obtain all the aforementioned benefits. However, lead-time, agility, and responsiveness are often compromised. When you need a quick PCB prototype, a large company can be pushed to meet your demands or they can use a different location throughout the country. The staggering size of their operations could lead to slow response time and in the end, you would just be a small “fish” in a big ocean of clients.

PCB Fabrication

On the other hand, when you work with a small company, which is quite responsive and agile, they may not be capable of capitalizing properly to deal with the challenges of advancing technologies, or have a highly trained team to negotiate competitive pricing, or have decisive strong purchasing power.

At www.pcbnet.com, we do our best to deal with the demands of both small and large clients. We can say that our company is small enough to be highly responsive, but also large enough to secure the benefits of highly trained staff, strong purchasing power and the best equipment.

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