Unique Uses Of Custom Coins

Challenge coins are usually used to honor military officials. They are used to bring pride and a strong sense of camaraderie amongst military men. But, these days, custom coins have a lot of other unique uses, including:

1. Wedding favors

Nowadays, wedding planners suggest a wide array of unique wedding favors such as donuts, personalized lip balm, jars of jam, water bottles, sunglasses, succulents on tea cups, home-made lemon juice, cute tote bags, shot glasses, luggage tags, a set of colored pencils, flip flops, and plant centerpieces. But, these days, custom coins are great wedding favors, too. You can place an image of the couple on the coin or you can engrave a love quotes and phrases such as “true love wins”, “a true love story never ends”, “the only happiness in life is to love and be loved”, or “lucky in love”.

challenge coins

Using a coin as a wedding favor is refreshing. It will definitely surprise and delight the wedding guests. You can place these coins in fancy boxes and then place it on your guests’ table along with a personalized “thank you” card.

2. Birthday party giveaway

If you’re thinking for a unique party favor for your upcoming birthday party, it is a good idea to use custom coins. You can print a cake on the coin or you can also engrave a motto that you live by.

3. Fashion accessories

Personalized coins are also popular in the fashion industry nowadays. So, if you want your passion pieces to stand out, try using personalized coins. You can engrave a personal motto or image on the coin and then attach it to your jewelry, bag, or jacket. You can also attach it to your key holder or luggage tag.

4. Gifts

If you want to give something unique to your friends this holiday season then it would be a good idea to consider personalized coins. Personalized coins are classy and elegant. But, it is also valuable and affordable at the same time.

Challenge Coin

You can place the name of the recipient on the coin, you can also place the image of angels, Santa Claus, and all other figures that are associated with the holidays.

5. Religious expression

You can use personalized coins for religious expression. You can place religious symbols such as the cross on the coin. You can also place bible verses on the coin. You can place images of praying hands, saints, the Buddha, the holy grail, the rosary, and the last supper on bronze, silver, or gold coins.

You can also place various quotes about religion such as:

• The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.

• My religion is kindness.

• God is love.

• With God, all things are possible.

• God is my strength.

• God loves me.

These personalized coins are inspiring, uplifting, and they help you express your faith.

6. Charity Tokens

custom coinsIf you’re a fund-raiser, you need to give your donors something valuable and unique. After all, they are spending a lot of money on your charity projects and events. So, if you want to give your donors something special, you can give them bronze, silver, or even gold personalized coins. You can place the name of the donor on the coin. You can also incorporate the logo and cause of your charity into your design. Then, you can engrave something like “Thank you for your kind soul” or “Hundreds of kids are going to school because of your kindness. The donors will surely value and appreciate these coins.

7. Employee Appreciation

If you have employees who have been in your company for more than a decade, then it’s a good idea to give, then a personalize gold coin as a symbol of your appreciation and gratitude. You can place their name on the coin. You can also incorporate the company name and logo into the design.

These coins are valuable and useful since your employees can actually sell them or pawn them in times of need.

8. Award

You can use custom coins as an award to performing employees, students, and civil servants. You can place something like “No. 1 Sales Agent” or “Best in English” on the coin.

Gone are the days when custom coins are used in military. Nowadays, it is used in various organizations. So, whether, you’re using the custom coin for weddings, birthday parties, or charitable causes, contact us and we will produce the best coin that suits your unique needs.

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